Southwestern Law School has experienced tremendous growth over the last 20 years. We have expanded our campus from a single building and serving all of the law school’s academic and administrative needs, to a campus now occupying one and one-half city blocks facilities including the historic Bullocks Wilshire Building, the Westmoreland Promenade and our newest addition, The Residences at 7th, a student housing complex. Our campus is now a 24/7 living-learning village.Collegiate Press has been our campus partner for over 20 years. They provide the staff and equipment to operate our busy campus copy and mail center, our distributed copier/mfd fleet and our self-serve library copiers. As we have grown, they have been able to seamlessly meet the changing needs in these areas. CPC’s staff responds quickly to the changing needs and requirements of the Law School. A recent example of this is their equipment selection and installation of the Business Center at the student residences.My role as COO has been especially busy during the past decade with the rapid expansion of Southwestern’s campus. It has been a tremendous asset to have a responsive, creative and reliable partner like Collegiate Press during this very busy time. Their focus on holding down costs and delivering great service has made this relationship a very successful one. I consider them to be a part of my management team even though CPC is a contract/outsourced relationship.By Janice Manis
Chief Operating Officer

Collegiate Press was awarded the Wentworth contract through the competitive bid process. They replaced a large international company who had been with the Institute for 15 years. Although Collegiate provided better pricing, they also improved the service. After working with our facilities team to do a space makeover, and replacing the CMC (Copy Mail Center) production equipment, they worked with our IT group to introduce scanning through the distributed mfd fleet. Reducing paper and making the work-flow more efficient has been a big benefit to the campus.Collegiate has also consulted and worked with Wentworth to streamline the mail equipment and processes. Under their management, the savings for postage has been considerable. They have been aggressive about working with departments to complete discount/bulk mailings in the center, and in finding other savings by using available USPS channels that provide discounts. Their professional services team can also help with design and printing of major print projects like the Commencement Programs.They have met the challenge of staffing our busy campus information/reception desk with people who can be helpful to visitors and other important contacts coming to campus. They truly work with faculty, staff, students and guests visiting Wentworth’s Campus!By Charlene Roy
Director of Business Services,
Wentworth Institute of Technology

Emmanuel College contracted with Collegiate Press to manage the campus Copy Center in 2007. As the Controller, I was interested in a solution that would be financially beneficial for the College. I was also looking to have a more engaged team providing this service. Collegiate Press has been very reliable and efficient. We have expanded their role on campus to include management of the campus mail center. Collegiate management proposed that we should consolidate the two spaces and move to a single service center for mail and for print. We implemented this proposed idea during a planned renovation phase and the result has been great. We achieved cost savings in staffing and it is a better plan for servicing our faculty, staff and students. We now have cross trained staff that can overlap and help in both mail and copy, and a single stop shopping for our campus community.The Collegiate Press management reports provide me with the detail that I need for managing this area, and for controlling costs. They provide me with monthly cost allocation reports so that printing and mail services can be expensed to each department.We are very happy with the service provided by Collegiate Press. They have placed capable, service oriented team members on campus. They are well known by all, and well liked. They are part of the Emmanuel family.By Paula Connolly
Associate Vice President of Finance/Controller,
Emmanuel College

When Boston College selected Collegiate Press to manage its on-campus digital print center, we had 3 important goals: improve quality: expand service offerings to serve more campus constituents: and to provide cost savings.Collegiate Press has elevated the on campus presence from being perceived as a quick copy center, to now being seen as a full solution print provider. They installed new multi-function black and white and color production print systems and created a fully digitized work-flow. They developed a customized web-to-print portal that allows our faculty and staff to order on-line, while ensuring that they will stay within branding guidelines. The new production systems and automation used for ordering has been key to improving quality.The professional staff has proven to be a significant asset to our student population. Student organizations have grown to rely on Eagle Print (as the center is known) to create and print their many banners and other collateral materials, and usually at the last minute. Since Collegiate Press assumed management, the students of BC have increasingly been more reliant on Eagle Print to meet their print and promotional needs. A student centered management company – what a pleasant surprise!The University has been removed from the direct business risk we previously faced when we provided the staff, equipment and inventory to operate the center. Collegiate Press has been able to control costs through efficiency and by agreeing to hold its contract negotiated pricing.

The senior management of the company is very engaged with the management of the BC account. They are committed to being successful at BC. They make my role as a manager who wears several hats, much easier.

By Linda Riley
Executive Director of Auxiliary Operations