Collegiate Press Management Team

John DeBaie – CEO and CFO

John started in banking while a student at Bentley University. After graduating with a degree in accounting, he worked for a small regional bank as assistant vice president for finance/auditing, where he was responsible for all accounting and internal auditing functions and upgrading the bank’s computer systems.Later, John accepted a position with GTE Defense systems as a financial analyst. Over time, he was promoted to manager of manufacturing cost control and then production manager. Eventually, John left GTE to join his friend and current business partner, Bill Corrigan, in a Massachusetts printing company.In 1988, he and Bill left that printing company to co-found Collegiate Press. Here, John manages all financial aspects of the company and contributes to the company’s vision and business development. His philosophy is to keep overhead cost low to give clients the best possible pricing.

John is an active church member. He enjoys playing golf on Cape Cod and over the past six year has learned to play the violin.

Bill Corrigan – President and Director of Marketing

While attending Northeastern University, Bill worked for a print and copy center in Harvard Square. After finishing his studies, Bill headed up a sales team offering printing solutions to colleges and universities in the Boston area. Eventually, he was promoted to vice president of marketing for the facilities management division.In 1986, he established a relationship between his employer and a national bookstore management company that worked on college campuses. He demonstrated to business officers that they could save money and improve service by privatizing their print and copy programs. As this market grew, Bill recognized the importance of the financial component of the strategy and recruited his friend John DeBaie to help.

In 1988, Bill and John left that printing company and co-founded Collegiate Press. John and Bill have been friends for years through school, boy scouts and sports teams. They were even in one another’s wedding parties.

At Collegiate Press, Bill works closely with school administrators to understand their unique needs and tailors our programs to meet them.

Bill has five children and is busy with their many activities. He also enjoys boating and relaxing in Rhode Island.

Ray Bergeron – West Coast Senior Operations Manager

Ray has been in the print and copy business for over 30 years. After working in Massachusetts for six years, his company relocated him to California to manage a college print center.In 1989, he was hired by Collegiate Press to manage a large campus print center. He was promoted to regional operations manager and was responsible for helping multiple sites overcome their operational challenges. He has expertise in custom publishing (course packs), quick print technology, paper and media, offset equipment and web-to-print programs.

Ray lives close to the beach in Los Angeles and enjoys walking his dog each day. He remains a die hard RedSox and Boston sports fan, even after living in California for most of his life.